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11/1/2020Clift BarnesJudgment and the Glory of GodIsaiah 66:15-24Download
10/25/2020Clift BarnesRejoicing in the New RealityIsaiah 66:7-14Download
10/18/2020Clift BarnesThose Whom God RegardsIsaiah 66:1-6Download
10/11/2020Clift BarnesThe Great RenewalIsaiah 65:17-25Download
10/4/2020Clift BarnesThe Account of Two DestiniesIsaiah 65:1-16Download
9/27/2020Clift BarnesThe God of MercyIsaiah 63:15-64:12Download
9/13/2020Clift BarnesKeeping the Lord in RemembranceIsaiah 63:7-14Download
9/6/2020Clift BarnesThe Day of VengeanceIsaiah 63:1-6Download
8/30/2020Clift BarnesZion's Coming SalvationIsaiah 61:10-62:12Download
8/23/2020Clift BarnesTransformation Indeed!Isaiah 61:3-9Download
8/16/2020Clift BarnesA Transformed PeopleIsaiah 61:1-2Download
8/9/2020Clift BarnesThe Lord the Light of ZionIsaiah 61:15-22Download
8/2/2020Clift BarnesThe Lord in ZionIsaiah 60:1-14Download
7/26/2020Clift BarnesRepentance Demanded, Redemption DeliveredIsaiah 59Download
7/5/2020Clift BarnesThe Lord's FastIsaiah 58Download
6/28/2020Clift BarnesProvision and PlightIsaiah 58Download
6/21/2020Clift BarnesLiving in the In-BetweenIsaiah 56Download
6/14/2020Clift BarnesUniversal Call to Covenanted PardonIsaiah 55Download
6/7/2020Clift BarnesThe Eternal Covenant of Peace and LoveIsaiah 54Download
5/31/2020Clift BarnesThe Victorious ServantIsaiah 52:13-53:12Download
5/24/2020Clift BarnesSalvation Has ComeIsaiah 51:1-52:12Download
3/8/2020Clift BarnesThe Responsive ServantIsaiah 50Download
3/1/2020Clift BarnesThe Redeeming Work of the SaviorIsaiah 49Download
2/16/2020Clift BarnesHome, Yet Not HomeIsaiah 48Download
2/9/2020Clift BarnesPride Before A FallIsaiah 47Download
2/2/2020Clift BarnesThe Unchanging LordIsaiah 46Download
1/26/2020Clift BarnesSovereignty, Submission and SalvationIsaiah 45:9-25Download
1/19/2020Clift BarnesThe Providence of God in the Believer's LifeIsaiah 44:24-45:8Download
12/8/2019Clift BarnesForgiveness of SinsIsaiah 43:22-44:23Download
12/8/2019Clift BarnesThe Promise and Proof of RedemptionIsaiah 43:22-44:23Download
12/1/2019Clift BarnesIsrael's Bondage and LiberationIsaiah 42:18-43:21Download
11/24/2019Clift BarnesGod's Remedy to the World's IdolatryIsaiah 41:21-42:17Download
11/17/2019Clift BarnesImages of ConsolationIsaiah 41:1-20Download
11/3/2019Clift BarnesThe Lord Alone is GodIsaiah 40:18-31Download
10/27/2019Clift BarnesGod the Creator: Guarantor of PromisesIsaiah 40:12-17Download
10/19/2019Clift BarnesComfort for God's PeopleIsaiah 40:1-11Download
10/6/2019Clift BarnesFrom Devotion to DefectionIsaiah 38-39Download
9/29/2019Clift BarnesTrust and DeliveranceIsaiah 36-37Download
9/15/2019Clift BarnesThe Promise of the New ZionIsaiah 33-35Download
9/8/2019Clift BarnesA New King and a New SocietyIsaiah 31-32Download
9/1/2019Clift BarnesThe Faithfulness of GodIsaiah 30Download
8/25/2019Clift BarnesThe Need for Spiritual TransformationIsaiah 29Download
8/11/2019Clift BarnesThe Word of God and the Purposes of GodIsaiah 28Download
7/21/2019Clift BarnesGod's Plan for His PeopleIsaiah 27Download
7/14/2019Clift BarnesSecurity in God's SalvationIsaiah 26Download
7/7/2019Clift BarnesSalvation and ProvisionIsaiah 25Download
6/30/2019Clift BarnesThe Wasted CityIsaiah 24Download
6/23/2019Clift BarnesThe Self-Reliance of ManIsaiah 21-23Download
6/16/2019Clift BarnesWhere is security to be found?Isaiah 17-20Download
6/9/2019Clift BarnesThe Pride of Nations and the Promises of GodIsaiah 14:28-16:14Download
6/2/2019Clift BarnesThe Unfolding of God's PromisesIsaiah 13-14Download
5/26/2019Clift BarnesOur Salvation and SongIsaiah 12Download
5/12/2019Clift BarnesThe Righteous BranchIsaiah 10:20-11:16Download
5/5/2019Clift BarnesConsequences of RejectionIsaiah 9:8-10:19Download
4/28/2019Clift BarnesOur Glorious HopeIsaiah 9:1-7Download
4/14/2019Clift BarnesThe RemnantIsaiah 8:9-22Download
4/7/2019Clift BarnesThe Consequences of Self-RelianceIsaiah 7:18-8:8Download
3/31/2019Clift BarnesFaith versus FoolishnessIsaiah 7:1-17Download
3/24/2019Clift BarnesThe Call and Commission of IsaiahIsaiah 6:8-13Download
3/10/2019Clift BarnesDivine HolinessIsaiah 6:1-7Download
3/3/2019Clift BarnesInedible FruitIsaiah 5Download
2/24/2019Clift BarnesJerusalem RestoredIsaiah 4:2-6Download
2/17/2019Clift BarnesThe Disorder of JerusalemIsaiah 2:5-4:1Download
2/10/2019Clift BarnesThe Lord's Triumph Over AllIsaiah 2:1-4Download
1/27/2019Clift BarnesJudah: The Social SituationIsaiah 1:21-31Download
1/20/2019Clift BarnesJudah: The Religious SituationIsaiah 1:10-20Download
1/13/2019Clift BarnesJudah: The National SituationIsaiah 1:2-9Download
1/6/2019Clift BarnesThe Story Line of IsaiahIsaiah 1:1Download
7/22/2018Clift BarnesJesus, the SaviorIsaiah 53Download
3/27/2016Clift BarnesThe Beauty Of The ResurrectionIsaiah 53:10-11Download
12/13/2015Clift Barnes"Why Christ Came" Pt. 1Isaiah 61:1-3Download
6/19/2010Clift BarnesFrom Devotion to DefectionIsaiah 38-39Download

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