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8/13/2023Clift BarnesThe Sanctity Of MarriageGenesis 2:18-25Download
12/4/2022Clift BarnesDeaths and Unfulfilled PromisesGenesis 50Download
11/27/2022Clift BarnesDeeds and DispositionsGenesis 49Download
11/20/2022Clift BarnesHope In Life And DeathGenesis 48Download
11/13/2022Clift BarnesGod With UsGenesis 47Download
10/30/2022Clift BarnesOur Blessed AssuranceGenesis 46Download
10/23/2022Clift BarnesFrom Testing To TransformationGenesis 43-45Download
10/16/2022Clift BarnesThe Journey To ReunionGenesis 42Download
10/2/2022Clift BarnesGod's Plan and Man's DistressGenesis 41Download
9/25/2022Clift BarnesAn Unwavering FaithGenesis 40Download
9/18/2022Clift BarnesGod's Control and Joseph's VictoryGenesis 39Download
9/4/2022Clift BarnesThe Assurance of God's PlanGenesis 38Download
8/28/2022Clift BarnesThe Divine Call of JosephGenesis 36-37Download
8/21/2022Clift BarnesOvercoming Spiritual DecayGenesis 35Download
8/7/2022Clift BarnesDesire, Defilement and DeceptionGenesis 34Download
7/24/2022Clift BarnesFacing Great ChallengesGenesis 32-33Download
7/17/2022Clift BarnesFrom Trial to TriumphGenesis 31Download
7/10/2022Clift BarnesGod's Continued FaithfulnessGenesis 30:25-43Download
7/3/2022Clift BarnesThe Battle and the BlessingGenesis 29:31-30:24Download
6/26/2022Clift BarnesJacob Meets His MatchGenesis 29Download
6/19/2022Clift BarnesFrom Pillow to PillarGenesis 28Download
6/12/2022Clift BarnesDeception and DistressGenesis 27Download
6/5/2022Clift BarnesThe Preservation of the FaithGenesis 26Download
5/29/2022Clift BarnesBy Divine ChoiceGenesis 25:19-34Download
5/22/2022Clift BarnesThe Cave and the CovenantGenesis 23:1-25:11Download
5/15/2022Clift BarnesThe Test of ObedienceGenesis 22Download
5/1/2022Clift BarnesGod's Promise FulfilledGenesis 20-21Download
4/24/2022Clift BarnesGod's Great Work For His PeopleGenesis 18-19Download
4/17/2022Clift BarnesThe Pledge of the PromiseGenesis 17Download
4/3/2022Clift BarnesTrusting the Promises of GodGenesis 15-16Download
3/27/2022Clift BarnesFaith and FactionGeness 12:10-14:24Download
3/20/2022Clift BarnesFollowing the Call of GodGenesis 11:27-12:9Download
3/13/2022Clift BarnesThe Dispersion of the NationsGenesis 10:1-11:26Download
2/20/2022Clift BarnesThe Covenant of God Through NoahGenesis 8:20-9:29Download
2/13/2022Clift BarnesThe World Under JudgmentGenesis 6:9-8:19Download
2/6/2022Clift BarnesThe Course of the CurseGenesis 5:1-6:8Download
1/30/2022Clift BarnesThe Spread Of SinGenesis 4:1-26Download
1/23/2022Clift BarnesThe Oracles of GodGenesis 3:8-24Download
1/16/2022Clift BarnesThe Tempter and the TemptationGenesis 3:1-7Download
1/9/2022Clift BarnesThe Creation of Man and WomanGenesis 2:4-25Download
1/2/2022Clift BarnesGod's Sovereign MajestyGenesis 1:1-2:3Download
1/28/2018Clift BarnesThe Making of ManGenesis 2:7Download

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