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11/11/2018Clift BarnesThe CrucifixionMark 15:21-32Download
10/28/2018Clift BarnesScorn and ScourgeMark 15:16-20Download
10/14/2018Clift BarnesThe Roman TrialMark 15:1-15Download
10/7/2018Clift BarnesPeter's DenialMark 14:66-72Download
9/30/2018Clift BarnesJesus Before the CouncilMark 14:53-65Download
9/23/2018Clift BarnesThe Arrest of JesusMark 14:43-52Download
9/16/2018Clift BarnesGethsemane: Prelude to the CrossMark 14:32-42Download
9/9/2018Clift BarnesThe Prediction of Desertion and DenialMark 14:26-31Download
9/2/2018Clift BarnesThe Lord's SupperMark 14:22-25Download
8/26/2018Clift BarnesSacrifice and Stiff-NeckedMark 14:12-21Download
8/19/2018Clift BarnesThe Sacrifice of FaithMark 14:1-11Download
6/24/2018Clift BarnesThe Return of the Son of ManMark 13:24-37Download
6/17/2018Clift BarnesThe TribulationMark 13:14-23Download
6/10/2018Clift BarnesThe Destruction of the TempleMark 13:1-13Download
6/3/2018Clift BarnesOf Scribes and WidowsMark 12:38-44Download
5/27/2018Clift BarnesWhose Son Is the Christ?Mark 12:35-37Download
5/10/2018Clift BarnesThe Test Of The ScribesMark 12:28-34Download
5/6/2018Clift BarnesThe Test of the SadduceesMark 12:18-27Download
4/29/2018Clift BarnesThe Test of the PhariseesMark 12:13-17Download
4/22/2018Clift BarnesThe Sending of the SonMark 12:1-12Download
4/15/2018Clift BarnesThe Authority of the SonMark 11:27-33Download
4/8/2018Clift BarnesThe Barren TempleMark 11:12-25Download
3/18/2018Clift BarnesJesus Enters JerusalemMark 11:1-11Download
3/11/2018Clift BarnesThe Model DiscipleMark 10:46-52Download
3/4/2018Clift BarnesThe Sin of Self-CenterednessMark 10:35-45Download
2/25/2018Clift BarnesJesus Leads the WayMark 10:32-34Download
2/11/2018Clift BarnesDiscipleship and Possessions, Pt. 2Mark 10:23-31Download
2/4/2018Clift BarnesDiscipleship and Possessions, Pt. 1Mark 10:17-22Download
1/21/2018Clift BarnesDiscipleship Regarding ChildrenMark 10:13-16Download
1/14/2018Clift BarnesDiscipleship in Marriage, Pt. 2Mark 10:1-12Download
1/7/2018Clift BarnesDiscipleship in Marriage, Pt. 1Mark 10:1-12Download
12/3/2017Clift BarnesCounting the Cost of DiscipleshipMark 9:42-50Download
11/26/2017Clift BarnesInstilling an Attitude of HumilityMark 9:30-41Download
11/19/2017Clift BarnesFrail Faith In A Strong SaviorMark 9:14-29Download
10/22/2017Clift BarnesThe TransfigurationMark 9:2-8Download
10/15/2017Clift BarnesTrue MessiahshipMark 8:31-9:1Download
10/8/2017Clift BarnesA Believer's True ConfessionMark 8:27-30Download
10/1/2017Clift BarnesThe Touch That Gives SightMark 8:22-26Download
9/24/2017Clift BarnesThe Enemy WithinMark 8:14-21Download
9/17/2017Clift BarnesSpiritual BlindnessMark 8:11-13Download
9/10/2017Clift BarnesFeeding Of The Four ThousandMark 8:1-10Download
9/3/2017Clift BarnesBe OpenedMark 7:31-37Download
8/27/2017Clift BarnesA True IsraeliteMark 7:24-30Download
8/20/2017Clift BarnesTrue DefilementMark 7:1-23Download
8/13/2017Clift BarnesIn The Midst Of The StormMark 6:45-56Download
8/6/2017Clift BarnesThe Feeding Of The Five ThousandMark 6:31-44Download
7/30/2017Clift BarnesThe Martyrdom Of John The BaptistMark 6:14-30Download
7/16/2017Clift BarnesA Prophet Without HonorMark 6:1-6Download
7/2/2017Clift BarnesFaith That Defies DefeatMark 5:21-43Download
6/25/2017Clift BarnesJesus Heals The DemoniacMark 5:1-20Download
6/18/2017Clift BarnesJesus Calms The StormMark 4:35-41Download
6/11/2017Clift BarnesSmall Beginnings And Great ResultsMark 4:26-34Download
5/28/2017Clift BarnesThe Parable Of The SowerMark 4:1-20Download
5/14/2017Clift BarnesThe Call Of ChristMark 3:13-19Download
5/7/2017Clift BarnesThe Power And Person of JesusMark 3:7-12Download
4/30/2017Clift BarnesA Question Of Life And DeathMark 3:1-6Download
4/2/2017Clift BarnesJesus Lord Of The SabbathMark 2:23-28Download
3/12/2017Clift BarnesFasting Or FeastingMark 2:18-22Download
3/5/2017Clift BarnesThe Scandal Of Jesus' MinistryMark 2:13-17Download
2/26/2017Clift BarnesThe Authority Of Jesus To ForgiveMark 2:1-12Download
2/19/2017Clift BarnesThe Autonomy Of JesusMark 1:35-45Download
2/12/2017Clift BarnesThe Authority Of JesusMark 1:21-34Download
2/5/2017Clift BarnesJesus Begins His MinistryMark 1:14-20Download
1/29/2017Clift BarnesThe Temptation Of JesusMark 1:12-14Download
1/22/2017Clift BarnesThe Baptism Of JesusMark 1:9-11Download
1/15/2017Clift BarnesJohn The Baptizer: Forerunner To JesusMark 1:2-8Download
1/8/2017Clift BarnesIntroduction To The Gospel Of MarkMark 1:1Download
2/19/2016Clift BarnesThe Autonomy Of JesusMark 1:35-45Download
7/18/2010Pastor Clift BarnesA Threefold PromiseMark 10:17-31Download

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